Can 3018/3018pro replace the high-power spindle?

It is not recommended to use high-power spindles for the mechanical structure of CNC3018 series laser engraving machines, so CNC3018/3018Pro laser engraving machines cannot be replaced with high-power spindles.

CNC3018 series laser engraving machine has been upgraded on the basis of 3018. The appearance of the upgraded CNC3018Pro is more beautiful. The material of the machine has been updated from metal + plastic to metal + bakelite. For users, bakelite material makes the machine more stable, thereby prolonging the service life of the machine. Secondly, the new power adapter has been redesigned and has obtained CE, FCC and PSE certification, which can ensure comprehensive protection for the machine and customers. The laser can directly import pictures for engraving, no programming or design is required, simple and convenient, the fan actively dissipates heat, and does not generate heat after long-term use. In addition, the performance of CNC3018Pro will be more stable than CNC3018.

Despite the beautiful appearance and enhanced performance, the spindle and stepper motor of the CNC3018 laser engraving machine series have not changed. The size of the fixture sleeve limits the size of the spindle. Therefore, the spindles of CNC3018 series laser engraving machines are all 775 spindle motors, which are more than enough for small engraving or cutting with CNC3018 laser engraving machine. Regardless of its compactness and lightness, the power of the spindle is able to achieve fine engraving while satisfying DIY enthusiasts. For DIY enthusiasts, fine engraving is one aspect, and safety issues cannot be ignored. The spindle power of CNC3018 laser engraving machine is both To ensure efficiency, but also to ensure safety.

And the machine structure of CNC3018 series laser engraving machine is not recommended to use high-power spindle, so 3018 / 3018Pro laser engraving machine cannot replace high-power spindle.

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