Lunyee 30*18cm Pro Max Desktop CNC Engraving with 100W Spindle

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Material Capability

  • Can safely engrave or cut any laser-compatible material
  • Acrylic, Glass, Leather, MDF, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood
  • Contact us with questions on specific materials not listed. If necessary, we can test it for you.


  • Weight: 10KG
  • Working Area(L*W*H): 300*180*43mm
  • Package Size(L*W*H): 450*360*277mm
  • Repeatability: 0.05mm
  • Input Voltage: 24V 5A
  • Spindle Motor: 100w
  • Supported Formats: jpg, bmp, svg, G-code
  • Control Software System: Multi-function control box

Shipping & Returns

  • Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange
  • Quick response online chat system
  • Local warehouses in the U.S. and Europe
  • We ensure secure payment with PEV

Care Instructions

  • The laser can be carved including: Can Engrave: MDF / Balsa / Paper / Wood / Fabric / Plastic / Leather / Plywood / Foam / Paper / Anodized Aluminum / Ceramics / Stone / Stainless steel
  • Can Not Engrave: Metal / Glass / PCB / Reflective Material / Transparent Material
  • We have a 15W Laser, which can engrave metal materials such as stainless steel and alumina.
  • The blade can be engraved plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, wood or the like material
  • ER11 needs shrink fitting. Both the spindle and ER11 have the correct diameter, but ER11 is designed to be minus tolerence to spindle so you cannot put it on directly.
  • Offline controller supports offline work, you will not need to connect to a computer
  • We have EU and US adapters and I will send the correct plugs according to your country.
  • If you need any question,feel free to contact me.
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Product Infomation May Help You

Model CNC 3018 Pro
Working area 300*180mm*43mm
Frame Size 450*360*277mm
Material Aluminum Alloy + Bakelite board
Spindle 100W 775 Spindle motor(12-36v) 24V: 10000r/min
Step Motor 42HS34, 1.3A, 12V Torque: 0.25N.M
Power Input 24V 5A
Software Candle
Driving Units T8-2-4 Screw Drive
Supported OS Windowsxp; windows7 (32/64bits) windows8; Windows10
Drill bits: Tip 0.1 mm; 30 degrees; shank diameter 3.175 mm
Adapted laser: 0.5w / 2.5w / 3.5w / 5.5w / 15w(can engave on stainless steel) / 40w
Package List Cutters + ER11 + 4*plates
Package Size 580*170*120mm
Package Weight 10KG